Course Introduction


Curriculum Design


Sun Island uses an integrated curriculum that integrates the various learning domains into a theme-based learning and teaching approach with spiral lesson planning. Guided by this curriculum, inspiring and interesting learning activities are introduced to develop the curiosity of students and motivate their interest in learning.

The project approach is also adopted to facilitate students to take initiative in acquiring knowledge by exploring, planning, practicing and sharing. In the process, students will learn with motivation, exploratory spirits and thinking skills. Besides, Sun Island introduces various reading programmes to cultivate students’ interests and habits in reading as a foundation to language development.

Learning Assessment


Based on the learning objectives and domains of the curriculum, teachers make an overall and continuous assessment of students’ development and learning progress through observing their performances in classroom and school. All the reports and supporting materials will be filed in the “Student Portfolio” of each student. According to the assessments, teachers can review the effectiveness of learning and teaching for a continuous refinement of their teaching as well as catering for individual differences of students. Parents can also know more about the progress of their children’s growth and development from the portfolios. In this way both parents and teachers work hand in hand for the children’s learning, growth and development.

Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism


Sun Island aims to help students to build a good language foundation based on bi-literacy and tri-lingualism. Our curriculum is a local curriculum and has two streams. The Chinese Stream adopts Cantonese as the main medium of instruction, Putonghua and English are the other two languages taught in the class. While English is the main medium of instruction of the Bilingual (English-Cantonese) Stream, there are Chinese learning sessions carried out by our Chinese teacher.

Inspiring Learning Environment


Gross motor activity rooms, music rooms and various learning corners were set up to facilitate children to take initiative in learning in an inspiring environment. To enable students to learn in different areas, Sun Island encourages them to take part in various visits and activities outside school. Their participation in community charitable activities is also an important part of moral education.

Realization of Potential


We have comprehensive interest class programmes to help students to discover and cultivate their potentials in music, art, sports, dancing and language, etc.

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