Support to Non-Chinese Students and Families


Sun Island launches various learning programmes and activities to cater for the learning needs of non-Chinese students (NCS) and their families. For example, the dialogic reading programmes, Chinese story-telling and extended game activities are organized to promote the abilities in listening, speaking and reading Chinese for non-Chinese students.

Moreover, the Parent-child and Parent Chinese classes are organized to provide non-Chinese parents/students with opportunities to learn Chinese together. With the knowledge acquired from the classes, parents can know about their children’s Chinese learning at school and help them to do revision at home. In this way, the objectives of parent-school co-operation can be achieved.

Sun Island also launches various social integration programmes and parent groups to promote the mutual understanding and cultural interflow between local and non-local students and families.

Since the school year 2016/17, Kwai King Branch has joined the ”C-for-Chinese Project” funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

As an integral part of the project, professors of the University of Hong Kong and The Education University of Hong Kong provide teacher training sessions, supervision and lesson planning training to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills in teaching non-Chinese students. With these knowledge and skills, teachers conduct storytelling activities for non-Chinese students. The Project also providing subsidy for employing multi-cultural teaching assistants to help Chinese learning for non-Chinese students. Meanwhile, The HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre also renders support to non-Chinese families and organizes activities to encourage non-Chinese students and their family members to be connected with the community.

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