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With rich experience in early child education and an innovative spirit, Sun Island provides the students with a pleasurable learning environment to enable them develop potentials, cultivate interest, enhance self-confidence and nurture their decent personality. Besides, Sun Island is dedicated to facilitating students to experience life outside classroom so that they will connect with the community, care about others and understand the importance of social integration.

We hope that every student can enjoy the learning process and with the nurtured self-esteem, self-care and self-learning ability as a sound foundation, they will pursue continuous learning throughout their life.

Teaching Quality

We believe that the professional quality of teachers is of utmost importance in early childhood education. All Sun Island teachers are qualified kindergarten teacher with qualifications recognized by the Education Bureau. Some of them have obtained or are studying for relevant higher qualifications. We strongly encourage teachers to further studies to enrich their professional knowledge. Apart from providing study subsidies, we hold joint school training activities and recommend teachers to join training sessions outside school.

We conduct systematic and comprehensive annual “Performance Appraisal” for all teaching staff so as to ensure quality education. Parent survey is also conducted annually to solicit the views of parents, as stake holders, on the continuous enhancement of the educational services we are providing. These measures are to strengthen the implementation of Sun Island’s educational philosophy and practices for attaining quality early childhood education.

Home- School Co-operation

We encourage parents to take part in various parent-child activities that we organize like parent-child competitions, joint school carnivals, sports days, visits, lesson observation, Open Day, parent groups and children performance, community volunteering, etc.

Since the school year 2018/19, we have introduced electronic administrative procedures to let parents receive school notices, latest news and browse activity photos through the “Parent School Communication App”. We shall provide all rounded information on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE to foster close communication and information delivery between parents and school.

Joint School Parent-child Volunteer Team, which was formed in the school year 2015/16, enables parents, acting as role models, to promote life education. Children are encouraged to serve the disadvantaged so that they will be proactive in caring about others and willing to share with people. We also hope that parents and school can build up mutual trust, understanding and cooperative relationship. We invite parents to help in organizing activities and visits outside school. We are grateful to our parents’ participation and contribution all along. Without which Sun Island cannot move on to fulfill the mission of providing quality education to children.

From August 2018 onwards, we publish a monthly newsletter, “Sunshine Kids”, to share with parents the updated knowledge and skills of parenting young children. Besides, parents can know better their children’s learning at school. It brings parents and teachers together for the healthy and happy growth and development of children.

Our website is updated in 2019, we aim at providing useful information to parents with user friendly interfaces.

Parents’ Voice


Sun Island attaches great importance to home-school cooperation and communication. Good home-school relationship plays an important role in early childhood education. Apart from teacher-parent meetings, telephone contacts, letter boxes, memos, bulletins, notices and school website, we also hold different kinds of meetings, surveys, talks and workshops for parents on a variety of topics ranging from child learning, children’s healthy growth and development as well as parenting practices. In the course of these events, we can know about parents’ needs and expectations.


Dr TING Wai-fong


Starting from the school year 2015/16, Sun Island has appointed Dr TING Wai-fong as the supervisor of all Sun Island kindergartens and child-care centres.

Dr TING was the associate professor of Department of Applied Social Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has been engaged in the teaching and research of social work and counselling for more than 30 years. She had been the Associate Head and Programme Leader who assisted in the management and learning and teaching of the Department.

Throughout her academic/professional career, Dr TING has served several government consultative committees, namely the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (Labour and Welfare Bureau), the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged (Social Welfare Department), the Release Under Supervision Board (Security Bureau). She is currently an elected member to the Social Worker Registration Board (2019-2022).

Besides being a registered social worker and a qualified early childhood teacher, Dr TING is a dedicated counsellor/approved supervisor in counselling. She is very keen to provide supervisory support to social workers and counsellors in Hong Kong. Without doubt, Dr TING’s diverse professional expertise is a valuable assert in leading and guiding Sun Island to land on a new landscape in early childhood education.

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