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Sun Island is dedicated to providing quality preprimary education to children aged between 2 and 6, nurturing their self-esteem, self-caring ability and self-learning as a good foundation for their life-learning.

Medium of Instruction


Sun Island aims to help students to build a good language foundation based on bi-literacy and tri-lingualism. Our curriculum is a local curriculum and has two streams. The Chinese Stream adopts Cantonese as the main medium of instruction, Putonghua and English are the other two languages taught in the class. While English is the main medium of instruction of the Bilingual (English-Cantonese) Stream, there are Chinese learning sessions carried out by our Chinese teacher.

Teaching Methods


Students are at the centre of our teaching. We nurture them according to their interests, abilities, life experiences and individual needs. With the belief that every student is unique, we strive to identify each student’s strengths and uniqueness so that they can achieve a balanced development. We also facilitate students to learn beyong the classroom and school boundaries so that they can connect with the community and tie their learning with real life experiences. Compared with traditional static teaching methods, our teaching approach is to employ more games and activities so as to inspire them to acquire knowledge in interesting ways.

Caring Teaching Team


We trust that every student is unique. With tremendous love and patience, our teachers work as a team to understand their individual needs and to motivate them to develop their strengths with the most appropriate teaching methods. Our experienced teachers promote their interest in learning and facilitate them to engage in games and activities in classroom. We also care about students’ families and keep close relationship with parents to understand what they need. On the basis of mutual help and trust, teachers and parents foster the healthy growth and development of students with love.

Preparation for Primary One


In an environment filled with love and care, Sun Island students grow up and enter a new stage of life after graduation. With the information and assistance provided by the teachers, parents can have a better understanding of studying in primary schools and know how to prepare their children for this new stage of learning. In this way their children can easily adapt to the primary school life.

Besides, we have Primary One adaptation lessons for students to help them understand the study mode in primary schools. These lessons enable them to observe and experience the actual environment in person so as to build up their sense of security. School visits are also arranged for parents and students to different primary schools in the district. All these can help students to adapt themselves quickly to the new phase of school life.

Primary One Admission
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