Dear Parents/Guardians,

There is a surge in demand for protective gear amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Hong Kong. Many parents shared with us their difficulties and worries about obtaining the materials. In view of this, Sun Island put lots of efforts and successfully acquired 25,000 children face masks and 2,500 pairs of children safety glasses for our pupils. We sincerely hope that could relieve the urgent needs of Sun Island’s parents and keep our pupils away from the threat of the coronavirus. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Sun Island’s parents to fight against the epidemic!

Subject to the limited supply, we shall distribute 10 children face masks and 1 pair of children safety glasses to each pupil (Including current pupils, freshers, pupils will drop out in March 2020) for free. Please kindly read the notice released on the “Sun Island’s Parents Mobile App” regarding the details of distribution at your branch.

In addition to the procurement of face masks and safety glasses for our pupils, we are also working hard to acquire the cleaning & disinfecting supplies to ensure our stockpiles are adequate and maintain cleanliness in our school campuses, so as to provide a safe and hygienic learning environment to all of our pupils and get prepared for class resumption.

Parents please continue to stay tuned to our news via the “Sun Island’s Parents Mobile App”, meanwhile, parents may also browse our school website ( and our official Facebook fan page to receive updated information on arrangements during class suspension period.

Yours faithfully,
School Administration Department


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